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Use of Native Grasses in Erosion Control, Habitat and Aesthetics

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Restoration Science , Stormwater Management

Priority Issue(s):

Habitat Conservation , Water Quality

Host Partner(s):

Weeks Bay Reserve


 Spanish Fort City Hall, Spanish Fort, Alabama


calendar icon5/13/2016



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Use of Native Grasses in Erosion Control, Habitat andAesthetics

Date:   May 13, 2016

Time:   8:30am to 11:00am

Location:   Spanish Fort CityHall

                    7361 Spanish Fort Boulevard, Spanish Fort, Alabama

Instructor: Mark B. Fiely, Horticulturist, Ernst ConservationSeeds

Native grasses and wildflowers are those species thatwere present prior to European exploration and settlement of our country. Someof these plants were appreciated by early botanists and domesticated bygardeners in Europe. The value of most native species has been underappreciatedthrough much of our history. In this short course, Mark Fiely, Horticulturist,Ernst Conservation Seeds will discuss the establishment and maintenance ofnative grasses and flowers for many purposes. He will discuss  their usefor purposes of erosion control, storm water treatment, wildlife habitat(including butterflies, native bees, small and large game) and aesthetics.


8:00am                      Coffee, treats and sign in

8:30am – 10:00am  Overview of natives:

                                       What are they?,

                                       The familiar and possibly unfamiliar, and

                                       Habitat benefits of using natives.

                                    General overview of meadow installation and maintenance:

                                       Site preparation,

                                       Seeding methods and Carriers to assist in broadcasting ofseed,

                                       Post seeding maintenance, and

                                       Planting dates.

10:00am – 10:10am   Short Break

10:10am – 11:30am   Specific insights related to installationand maintenance of:

                                            Residential meadows/pollinator meadows/wildlife habitat,

                                            Slopes and Stream banks,

                                            Storm water basins, and


                                       Reflections on causes of failure and possible solutions.

The target audiences are Landscapers, LandscapeArchitects, Contractors, Erosion and Sediment Control Professionals, RoadBuilders, Restoration Specialists and Public Works staff. Please contact MikeShelton at Weeks Bay Reserve at 251.490.8968 or mike.shelton@dcnr.alabama.govfor content and registration information. There is no fee but registration isrequired. Learn more ways to keep Alabama’s water clear and create a CleanWater Future. See you at the workshop. Sponsored by: Coastal Clear WaterAlabama, Create A Clean Water Future, NOAA and Weeks Bay NERR Coastal Training Program.







Mark Fiely

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