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Share local knowledge to design an online decision support tree for climate change tools in the Gulf of Mexico - Mississippi

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Climate Change , Floodplain Management , Geographic Information Systems , Land Conservation , Science Communication , Stakeholder Engagement

Priority Issue(s):

Community Resilience , Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation

Host Partner(s):

Grand Bay Reserve , Weeks Bay Reserve


 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Estuarine Education Center, 2300 Highway 90, Gautier, MS


calendar icon12/9/2016



Max Applicants:


Share local knowledge to design an online decision support tree for climate change tools in the Gulf of Mexico - Mississippi

December 9, 2016   11:30am - 4:00pm

Powerful online tools are available to help planners, community leaders, conservation groups and resource managers. These tools help users understand and visualize the likely effects of heat, drought, flooding and sea level rise. Others tools enable users to identify potential plans and actions to protect citizens,infrastructure and natural resources. Choosing the online tools that meets your needs is important. You are invited to work with us to design a new decision-support tree that will help you and other users choose tools. The decision support tree will be a “one stop” website where users can walk through a series of questions that will help them identify the best tools for their needs. Please share your knowledge and be an active participant in this project. To get started, we need your input to make the decision-support tree and website a success. During this half-day meeting, tell us about: 1) the impact of climate related issues important to your community, 2) how you are using climate tools/models, and 3) the features that will help you make better choices when using our new online decision-support tree. In about a year from now, join us again to see how your participation helped create the final decision-support tree.

Lunch is provided. Register online at www.gulfalliancetraining.org. Click on the event link under “Upcoming Workshops.” Both Alabama and Mississippi are listed, so make sure you pick the location you want. Learn more about the project at www.ngomssc.org. Click on the “Decision Support Tree” tab. For additional project information, contact Christina Mohrman, Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative at cmohrman@disl.org or (251) 861-2141, ext. 7581.

The event is sponsored by the Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative,the Gulf of Mexico Climate Community of Practice, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance,the Grand Bay and Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserves.