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Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure: A Two-Day Workshop

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Land Conservation , Restoration Science , Wetland Protection

Priority Issue(s):

Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation

Host Partner(s):

Weeks Bay Reserve


map icon Weeks Bay Reserve Auditorium


calendar icon3/8/2017 - 3/9/2017



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Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure: A Two -Day Workshop

March 8-9, 2017

8:00 am — 4:00 pm

Weeks Bay Reserve Auditorium

11300 US 98, between Fairhope and Foley, Alabama

Workshop Purpose?

Participants will learn about the procedures and use of WRAPin the coastal area. Lectures will include functional variables, functionalscoring procedures and applying procedures in the field and in the office. Additionalinformation will examine the use of WRAP by US Army Corp of Engineers. On bothworkshop days, procedures will be applied in the field at both disturbed andundisturbed wetland sites.

Who Should Attend?

Target audiences include Regulatory Personnel, Consultants, RestorationEngineers, Resource Managers andProfessionals dealing with wetland issues.

Who are the Instructors?

Boyd Gunsalus, Environmental Scientist with the SouthFlorida Water Management District and co-developer of WRAP and

Mike Moxey, Special Projects Manager with the US Army Corpof Engineers, Mobile District, Regulatory Division