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Longleaf in the Park: Fairhope’s Pineywoods Heritage

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Fauna/Flora Taxonomy , Invasive Plant Control , Land Conservation , Restoration Science , Science Communication , Stakeholder Engagement

Priority Issue(s):

Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation

Host Partner(s):

Weeks Bay Reserve


 Knoll Park, Fairhope, Alabama


calendar icon5/16/2015



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Take another opportunity to explore “Longleaf in the Park: Fairhope’s Pineywoods Heritage”

May 16, 2015, 9:00am To 1:30pm, at Knoll Park in Fairhope, Alabama

Enjoy the learning experience and a guided walk through Knoll Park. Learn about “naval stores” from a gentleman with firsthand experience and see the tools used in the turpentine and pine resin industries.  Hear about the trees, wildflowers, and wildlife that make up this rich landscape. Take a guided walk in the pineywoods preserved in a park open to all in Fairhope.

Have you ever wondered what Fairhope looked like before Greeno, Gaston and the good Utopians arrived? Fairhope and millions of acres in the South were occupied by a rich, fire-dependent ecosystem dominated by longleaf pine. Fairhope’s pineywoods heritage included a diverse natural landscape, a beautiful chorus of wildflowers and grasses, bountiful wildlife, and a rich cultural legacy. Longleaf pine built the United States. Learn more about this keystone tree, the role of fire, and the natural system longleaf represents at Knoll Park.

Please attend all of these sessions, but all are welcome to join in at any point in the day.

9:00     Donnie Barrett - “Fairhope’s Pineywoods embodied in Knoll Park”

9:35     Austin Rainwaters- “Tapping the Pines: Harvesting Sap for the Turpentine Industry”

10:10   Bill Finch - “Longleaf Ecology and the habitat value of Knoll Park”

10:45   Mark Hainds - “Fire and Herbaceous Groundcover: Keys to Survival for the Longleaf Ecosystem”

11:20   Mark Bailey - "Signature Wildlife Species of Longleaf Forests"

11:55   David Dyson - “Saving the Longleaf: Managing Knoll Park”

12:30   A Walk in the Pineywoods: plant identification and discussion of the longleaf forest plant community

Bring a folding chair for sitting and wear some comfy shoes for the guided walk-around. Dress for the weather since outside is where you will be.