A Research Symposium, Aug 4-5, 2016, Weeks Bay Reserve

Topic(s): Climate Change , Land Conservation , Restoration Science , Science Communication , Wetland Protection
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience , Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation , Nutrient Impacts , Water Quality
Host Partner(s): Weeks Bay Reserve
Location:  Weeks Bay Reserve Resource Center
Date/Time: calendar icon8/4/2016 – 8/5/2016
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 100
A Research Symposium at Weeks Bay Reserve
August 4-5, 2016
9:00am to 4:00pm each day
Weeks Bay Reserve Resource Center

11525 US Highway 98 in between Fairhope and Foley

Our Research Symposium features presentations about research conducted in collaboration with Weeks Bay Reserve and independent scientists, university students and faculty and staff. Topics include aspects of sea level rise, marsh migration, effects of nutrients on parts of the estuarine ecosystem and headwaters wetlands among others.

Lunch is provided is provided both days. Register by clicking on the online registration button and filling in the brief form. For questions about the Research Symposium content, contact Scott Phipps at 251.928.9792 or scott.phipps@dcnr.alabama.gov. For registration or other questions, contact Mike Shelton at 251.490.8968 or mike.shelton@dcnr.alabama.gov. We look forward to see you in August and your learning about the research conducted at Weeks Bay Reserve.

Download agenda WBNERR Research Symposium Schedule v3.


Speaker Presentations can be downloaded below:

  1. Anthropogenic Nutrient Input and its Influence on Plant Competitive Outcomes
    Molly Miller     Milller_Anthropogenic_Nutrient_Input
  2. Nitrate reduction dominated by dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia in a shallow eutrophic estuary
    Rebecca Bernard     Bernard_Nitirate_reduction_dominated
  3. Comprehensive shoreline mapping, Weeks Bay, Fish and Magnolia Rivers, Alabama
    Stephen Jones     Jones_Tidwell_Comprehensive_Shoreline_Mapping 
  4. Mobile Bay Living Shoreline Suitability Model
    David Tidwell     Tidwell_Jones_Mobile_Bay_Site_Suitability_Model 
  5. Impact of planting density and sea level rise on nutrient removal in restored marshes
    Eric Sparks      Sparks_Impacts_of_Planting_Density
  6. Population structure of burrowing bog crayfish in south Alabama
    Mal Clay     Clay_Population_Structure_ Burrowing_Bog_Crayfish 
  7. Environmental and fish assemblage differences between blackwater and clearwater streams in coastal Alabama
    Sue Colvin     Colvin_Environmental_and_Fish_Assemblage_Differences 
  8. Connecting scientists to citizens regarding sea level rise
    Mike Shelton     Shelton_Connecting_Scientists_to_Citizens_regarding_SLR 
  9. Land use change effects on coastal wetlands and headwaters of Alabama
    Chris Anderson     Anderson_Land_use_change_effects_coastal_wetlands 
  10. Prokaryotic community structure and urease activity in wetland soils
    Philip Lee     Lee_Prokaryotic_Community_Structure_and_Urease_Activity 
  11. Identifying Daphnia species using DNS barcoding
    Melissa Pompilius     Pompilius_Identifying_Daphnia_species_using_DNA_barcoding 
  12. Testing the effects of initial planting density and sea-level rise on plant community structure in restored tidal marshes
    Julia Cherry     Cherry_Testing_effects_of_initial_planting_density 
  13. Modeling diel oxygen dynamics and ecosystem metabolism in Weeks Bay, AL
    Brandon Jarvis    Jarvis_Modeling_Diel_Oxygen_Dynamics_and_Ecosystem_Metabolism 
  14. Coastal wetland response to rising sea levels in Weeks Bay
    Karim Alizad     Alizad_Coastal_Wetland_Response_to_Rising_Seas_v2



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