Building Coastal Community Resilience Workshop, Apalachicola, 2/23/2012

Topic(s): Climate Change
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience
Host Partner(s): Apalachicola Reserve
Location:  Apalachicola NERR, FL
Date/Time: calendar icon2/23/2012
Price: $10.00
Max Applicants: 25

This workshop is intended to address coastal resilience planning needs of local elected officials, city and county staff, resource managers and others in the Apalachicola Region of Florida. The event will include expert speakers, relevant community examples, and participatory activities. It will highlight the need to adapt to changing environments, including the impacts of sea level rise and dynamic coastlines in Franklin County and surrounding areas.



·         Share best available scientific information and predictions for current and future environmental conditions with decision-makers and resource managers in Franklin County and surrounding areas in Florida.

·         Increase awareness of the future impact of sea level rise through the use of relevant community examples and research from the Apalachicola NERR.

·         Introduce a variety of tools and support available to local decision-makers to assist in planning for the future and to present examples of how others are using these tools locally.

·         Engage participants in the event through down-scaled, locally relevant information and participatory exercises.

Download Speaker Presentations:

  1. Our Changing Environment and Its Impacts: Past, Present, and Looking Forward
    Keith Ingram
  2. Highlights of Coastal Climate Research and the Apalachicola NERR
    Jenna Wanat: 2 – Building Coastal Community Resilience – Sentinel Site Initiative at ANERR
  3. Highlights of Coastal Climate Research and the Apalachicola NERR
    Joshua Solomon
  4. Dealing with Data and Uncertainty
    Chad Leister:  4 – Chad Leister – Uncertainty_Apalachicola
  5. How Resilience and Adaptation Planning fit into Existing Planning Processes
    Julie Dennis:  5 – Coastal Planning and Adaptation – Apalachicola Presentation 2-23-12
  6. Examples of Local and Regional Planning Initiatives
    Whitney Gray:  6 – ANERR 20120223
  7. Demonstration of Planning and Visualization Tools
    Rosalyn Kilcollins:  7 – Resilience Powerpoint TOOLS 2-23-12 Roz


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