CHARM Open House, Jan 20, 2015, Grand Bay Reserve

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Topic(s): Climate Change , Floodplain Management , Geographic Information Systems , Land Conservation , Stormwater Management , Wetland Protection
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience , Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation , Nutrient Impacts , Water Quality
Host Partner(s): Grand Bay Reserve
Location: map icon Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Date/Time: calendar icon1/20/2015
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 30

An OPEN HOUSE for federal, state and local officials, resource managers, GIS professionals & planners. The CHARM mapping application and workshop platform supports collaborative planning and public participation for coastal resiliency.

The Community, Health, and Resources Management (CHARM) application helps decision makers gather input and educate the public about the what-ifs of long term growth and planning. Workshop participants collaborate over a live table-top interface and explore a library of mapping data to plan hypothetical growth scenarios for their community. Real time feedback allows participants to see the consequences of their planning decisions. The planning support tool encourages collaborative problem solving, and no GIS experience is needed for stakeholders to participate in a CHARM workshop.

Questions that can be explored with CHARM include:
How many homes are vulnerable to flooding? Surges? In 20 years? Where?
What if development were higher density here, and lower there?
How does this impact the water quality of the Bay?
Where on the coast should we encourage development? Avoid it?
What new demand for city resources will we see in 10 years? 20 years?

The Coastal CHARM Program is a Texas A&M University program that seeks to bring the power of scenario planning and mapping to communities around the Gulf dealing with coastal hazards, sustainability and resiliency.

CHARM was developed with funding from the US EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Office and NOAA’s National Sea Grant Program. For more information about CHARM, visit the website at

For more info about the OPEN HOUSE download the attached flyer or contact Sarah Harrison at or 228.475.1357.

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