Finished Construction Elevation, Apalachicola Reserve, 7/31/2013

Topic(s): Floodplain Management
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience
Host Partner(s): Apalachicola Reserve
Location:  Apalachicola NERR
Date/Time: calendar icon7/31/2013
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 45

This course will cover:

    • Brief general introduction to the CRS program
    • Discussion about why ECs are considered a higher standard and a required element in the CRS
    • Discussion about how ECs are verified at Annual Recertifications and Cycles in the 2013 CRS Coordinators Manual
    • Detailed Section-by-Section, Item-by-Item discussion about how to complete the form
    • Review for clear understanding of building diagram numbers and use of the comment section
    • Discussion of disclaimers seen on some ECs that are not to be accepted by the community
    • Discussion about how to correct ECs or have the corrected
    • Tips on maintaining the integrity of this Activity for CRS will be covered throughout the workshop
    • Questions and Answers
 Speaker Biography can be downloaded here: Sue CFM Bio[1]


Lunch Provided

Registration is required

No Cost—FREE!!


Who Should Attend?  Local government staff  involved in the review  and acceptance of Finished Construction Elevation certificates (ECs), surveyors working within local jurisdictions,  other local government staff  including: Building Official, Inspector(s), Permitting Supervisor, Permit Clerk, Plans Examiner and CRS Coordinator.

Workshop eligible for:

3 Hr APA/AICP CM credits
Hr ASFPM CE credits for Certified Floodplain Managers



For More Information Contact

Rosalyn Kilcollins at



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