Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings, July 13-14, 2016, Apalachicola Reserve

Topic(s): Science Communication , Stakeholder Engagement
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience
Host Partner(s): Apalachicola Reserve
Location:  111 W Madison Street (Claude Pepper Building), Room 302.
Date/Time: calendar icon7/13/2016 – 7/14/2016
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 25
Imagine a world, 
    Where meetings are effective, collaborative, and productive. 
Back by popular demand, Competitive Florida will be hosting NOAA’s Digital Coast training: Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings
Learn to design meetings that enhance problem solving and minimize conflict. This course teaches attendees how to conduct meetings, both big and small, that reach specific goals -and provides the tools and techniques needed to handle disruptive behaviors.
Previous attendees had great things to say about the training:
  • “I’ve already put these skills to use!”
  • “My monthly meeting are now faster, and I’m getting better results.”
  • “This training has REALLY proven helpful in all aspects of what I do.”
  • “This course helped me feel confident enough to handle a disruption.”
Seats are limited! Register by clicking the link above, or by emailing Richard Fetchick at
             Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings
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