Weathering Future Floods: Reducing Costs and Risks through the Community Rating System, Jan 23, 2014, Weeks Bay Reserve

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Topic(s): Floodplain Management
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience
Host Partner(s): Weeks Bay Reserve
Location:  Blakeley Classrooms, 5 Rivers Delta Center, 30945 Five Rivers Blvd, Spanish Fort, AL 36527
Date/Time: calendar icon1/23/2014
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 45

Increasing resilience in the face of coastal hazards is an important task for local governments. Nowhere is this more challenging than in areas along the Gulf of Mexico. Flooding is a risk faced by many counties and communities. Tools exist to help mitigate the effects and costs of flooding and reduce risk to citizens and property. One of these tools is the Community Rating System (CRS), a component of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
The CRS is a voluntary program that recognizes and encourages planning and management activities that reduce flooding costs. These activities go beyond the minimums required by the NFIP. The incentive is premium savings for the communities and their citizens requiring flood insurance. Planners, community leaders and floodplain managers need a good understanding of the CRS, the resources available to help communities voluntarily join and the benefits of membership.


The one-day course helps community leaders gain knowledge about CRS and the steps needed for membership. Participants will recognize the cost benefits for their localities.Also, they will leave with an improved understanding of new and pending federal legislation affecting implementation of the NFIP in communities. Qualified instructors who are part of the NFIP and CRS program will lead teaching sessions. In addition, representatives from communities already participating in the CRS will share their experiences successfully planning for and implementing the steps needed for membership in CRS. Community leaders can return to their localities with knowledge that can provide benefit to citizens needing flood insurance.
This event is sponsored jointly by NOAA Gulf Coastal Services Center, Weeks Bay Reserve/Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Mississippi/Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Legal Program and the Alabama Association of Floodplain Managers.

Download Speaker Presentations:

  1. Understanding Biggert Waters Act and Anticipated Impacts
    Susan Wilson
    1. NOAA BW-12 Brief Spanish Fort AL revised 1-23-14 Wilson
  2. Changes to Alabama Floodplain Maps I
    Leslie Durham
    2.Durham Changes to Alabama Floodplain Maps
  3. Changes to Alabama Floodplain Maps II
    Leslie Durham
    3.Durham AL Flood Risk Info System
  4. Overview of the CRS and Identify Steps to Entering the CRS
    Jonathan Smith
    4.JSmith Overview of the CRS
  5. Why Join the CRS? A Gulf Coast Community Success Story
    Lannie Smith
    5.LSmith Why Join the CRS
  6. CRS Quick Check Spreadsheet
    Jonathan Smith
  7. Overview of Pending Legislation Associated with Biggert Waters Act
    Niki Pace
    7.Pace BW12 Changes on the Horizon
  8. Additional Resources on Elevation Certificates
    CRS Workshop Jan 23 2014
    8.2.EC Correction Cover Sheet 2009
    8.3.Building Diagrams2
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