Wetlands and Water Quality: Regulating Construction Impacts in Coastal Areas, Grand Bay Reserve, 8/4-6/2009

Topic(s): Stormwater Management , Wetland Protection
Priority Issue(s): Nutrient Impacts , Water Quality
Host Partner(s): Grand Bay Reserve
Location:  Gautier, MS; Diamondhead, MS; Long Beach, MS
Date/Time: calendar icon8/4/2009 – 8/6/2009
Price: Not Available
Max Applicants: 100


Download Workshop Agenda: Wetlands and Water Quality – Agenda

Download Speaker Biographies: WWQ Speaker Biographies

Download Speaker Presentations below:

Introduction to Mississippi’s Wetland Habitats: Ali Leggett, MS DMR
1.Tab 1 – Wetlands Regulatory Seminars Part 1
2.Tab 1 – Wetlands Regulatory Seminars Part 2

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources’ Coastal Wetlands Regulations
Willa Brantley, MS DMR:
3.Tab 2 – Wetland Impacts Part 1
4.Tab 2 – Wetland Impacts Part 2

Public Trust Tidelands
Ray Carter, MS SOS: 5.Tab 3 – Tidelands

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Regulatory Division
Carl Olsen and Mary Ellen Farmer, USACE

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality: 401 Water Quality Certification
Florance Watson, MS DEQ:
6.Tab 5 – Stormwater Design Criteria
7.Tab 5 – Water Quality Certification

U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Section 7 Consultations for Impacts to Threatened or
David Felder, USFWS:
8.Tab 6 – USFWS Part 1
9.Tab 6 – USFWS Part 2

Construction Stormwater: Permitting and Compliance
Danny Beasley, Steve Bailey and Derick Milner, MS DEQ:
10Tab 7 – ECED Construction Stormwater Part 1
11.Tab 7 – ECED Construction Stormwater Part 2
12Tab 7 – ECED Construction Stormwater Part 3
13.Tab 7 – ECED Construction Stormwater Part 4

Wetland Permit Panel Scenario/Conservation Development Activity


 Special thanks to our partners who made this event possible.


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